Regardless of the support your organization needs, you can expect the same consistent professional service and approach:

  • Careful analysis of your organization’s challenges and opportunities.
  • Extensive research and models backed by thorough data analysis.
  • A presentation of all possible options, with adjustable modeling for ease of use and alternative option evaluation. 
  • Clean and adjustable models. 
  • “24 hour rule” service response time.

What type of engagement would be best for your organization? Generally, there are three types of possible agreements:

Project Assistance and Evaluation

Sometimes, all that is needed is a second set of eyes, a fresh financial model, or some data crunching. These types of projects typically only require a few hours and can be done easily either in person or remotely. Examples include pricing profitability models, data and trend analysis, and website or social media page reviews. 

Detailed Project Support

More in depth projects may require more time to complete and monitor. These types of projects could range from a few days to a few weeks, or longer. Examples include website development, marketing research, and detailed models, research, or strategy planning. 


This type of arrangement is specifically geared towards the organization that is growing quickly and needs to focus all its effort on reaching new customers and meeting the demands of the day to day. Sometimes there is no dedicated finance or marketing lead (i.e. CFO, CSO, CMO) to conduct financial analyses or develop new, detailed marketing and growth strategies. This option allows your organization to establish a longer term arrangement for any ongoing support needed.*

If you have any questions or need any assistance at any point, you will get a response within 24 hours.

*does not include accounting, tax, healthcare, or legal services